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ch14-lect - prime for multiple step calculations that would...

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Chapter 14 Writing Macros in VBA Introduction An Excel macro is a set of instructions that be executed with a trigger or keystroke in a spreadsheet. Macros Procedure macros are to perform formatting tasks that have multiple steps. Tasks such as adding or removing rows and columns, protecting or un-protecting worksheets, selecting a range of cells, or adding the current date to a spreadsheet are tasks ready for procedure macros. Macros are written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). If you cannot write VBA code, Excel allows you to record the steps in a procedure using keyboard and mouse , and Excel then converts the sequence into VBA. User-defined functions (UDF) are macros that execute frequently used formulas. These are
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Unformatted text preview: prime for multiple step calculations that would be difficult to perform in a single cell. Excel/Modeling Concepts The chapter covers several useful features in Excel. 1. Under Defined Functions 2. If-Then-Else Statements Follow this link to the supporting video: 1. Macros in Excel 2007 2. The IF Statement 3. The Nested IF Statement 4. IF-Then Statements 5. Working with VBA Conclusion Creating and using macros is an important concept to master. Not only do they automate some of the spreadsheet building and number pushing, but they distinguish your abilities as an Excel user....
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