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Wk 1 - Wk 1 Sept 9-15 Basics of Leadership This weeks work...

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Wk 1, Sept 9-15, Basics of Leadership This week’s work sets the stage for understanding leadership in a global setting. You will want to think not only when/how you see leadership, but also what must happen when leaders choose to lead across 2 or more cultures, usually defined by a country’s borders. So, a leader may seek to offer vision and guide a small group. However, in that work group there can be people from a South American country, such as Brazil or Columbia. In that same group there may be someone from the Philippines, Thailand or Korea. And the group may also have people from Eastern or Central Europe (Slovakia, Croatia, or Poland). Often in the United States we take both leadership and cultural diversity for granted. But that doesn’t mean we know how to see clearly or talk thoughtfully about either topic. Leadership is a complex, rich process that manifests itself in many ways, both expressly and subtly. Leadership has been studied for hundreds of years and yet remains a topic of avid debate. Leadership is not a spectator sport, it is expressed
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