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Wk 5 - Wk 5 Oct 7-14 Communicating Leadership to Work with...

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Wk 5, Oct 7-14: Communicating Leadership to Work with Diversity Deep cultural undercurrents structure life in subtle but highly consistent ways that are not consciously formulated. Like the invisible jet streams in the skies that determine the course of a storm, these currents shape our lives; yet their influence is only beginning to be identified. —Edward T. Hall (7:12) - Adler, p. 44 As globalization increases, leaders will find themselves leading multicultural workforces both within the U.S. and internationally. We are largely shaped by our national cultures and leaders must understand that homogenous workforces in the strictest sense are a thing of the past. The purpose of this week’s topic is to look more specifically at what a leader needs to do when communicating across multiple cultures. His or her communication is more than creating a corporate diversity program. It is the active inclusion of different expectations from cultural values.
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