Wk 6 - Wk 6, Oct 15-20: Motivation and Diversity...

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Wk 6, Oct 15-20: Motivation and Diversity Leadership, Motivation and Diversity of Culture “Motivation is culture bound. Now for many of us, that’s somewhat hard to believe. But take a moment and step back. In the US we have paid lots of attention to factors and process which motivates in part because we want to compete (a value that is tied to the Hofstede research indicating that American culture is highly MAS or competitive). Most motivation theories in use today were developed in the United States by Americans and focusing on about Americans. Of those that were not, many have been strongly influence dby American theories. Americans’ strong emphasis on individualism hassled to expectancy and equity theories of motivation: theories that emphasize rational, individual thought as the primary basis of human behavior. The emphasis placed on achievement is not surprising given Americans’ willingness to accept risk and their high concern for performance. These theories therefore do not offer universal explanations of motivation; rather, they reflect the values system of Americans .Unfortunately, many Americans as well as managers from other countries have treated American theories as the best or only way to understand motivation. They are neither. American motivation theories—too often assumed to reflect universal values—have failed to provide consistently useful explanations for behavior outside the United States. Managers must therefore guard against imposing domestic American management theories on their global business practices.” Adler, p. 199. Adler takes some of the more notable motivational theories; Maslow, McClelland and Herzberg and offers comments on
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Wk 6 - Wk 6, Oct 15-20: Motivation and Diversity...

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