Wk 7 - Wk 7 Oct 21-Nov 3 Managing Diverse Teams This week...

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Unformatted text preview: Wk 7, Oct 21-Nov 3: Managing Diverse Teams This week, we are looking at the nature of teams. Teams can be fun to work with -- and as leaders and future leaders you will be able to experiment with teams, but my experience with teams is that they follow certain phases. I am sure you participate and lead many teams - and see the dynamic in the team’s formation. The stages of group development are the forming stage, storming stage, norming stage, performing stage, and adjourning stage. Other authors will argue other terms for similar stages. Of all the stages, my view is that the most important is storming—this is especially important if the team has members from more than 1 background and can be considered ethnically diverse. Every group must storm -- or use conflict and identify different views held by different team members. The team’s members must then positively move forward to either norming or performing. Storming interactions can be civil, polite or they can be intensely expressive. Behaviors or interactions include more than 1 plan, idea, anecdotes highlighting they can be intensely expressive....
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