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HW Solutions_Session 3_Parrino_Ch 4

HW Solutions_Session 3_Parrino_Ch 4 - .I Problem4.2...

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THIS DOCUMENT IS STRICTLY FOR THE USE OF CURRENT STUDENTS IN Problem 4.2 Liquidity Ratios: Flying Penguins Corp. has total current assets of $11,845,175, c Quick Ratio 0.89 Current Assets $11,845,175  Current Liabilities $5,311,020  Inventory $7,118,367 Problem 4.6 Leverage ratios: Breckenridge Ski Company has total assets of $422,235,8 Debt ratio Assets Total Debt Total Equity Total Debt  $124,559,564.25  Total Equity $297,676,246.76  Equity Multplier 1.42 Debt to Equity Ratio 41.8% Problem 4.8 DuPont equation: The Rangoon Timber Company has the following relatio What are Rangoon's profit margin and debt ratio? Total  Asset Turnover 2.23 ROA 9.69% ROE 16.4% Eqyity Multiplier 1.69 Profit Margin                                                                4.35% Debt Ratio 40.91% Problem 4.18 Profitability ratios: Cisco Systems has total assets of $35.594 billion, total Total Assets $35,594,000,000 Total Debts $9,678,000,000 Net Sales $22,045,000,000 Net Profit Margin 20.00% Operating Profit Margin 30.00% Sales/Total assets = 2.23;                           ROA = 9.69%;                               
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