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Chapter 2: Small Business Dilemma Identifying Factors that Will Affect the Foreign Demand at the Sports Exports Company Recall from Chapter 1 that Jim Logan planned to pursue his dream of establishing his own business (called the Sports Exports Company) of exporting footballs to one or more foreign markets. Jim has decided to initially pursue the market in the United Kingdom, because British citizens appear to have some interest in football as a possible hobby, and no other firm has capitalized on this idea in the U.K. (The sporting goods shops in the U.K. do not sell footballs but might be willing to sell them.) Jim has contacted one sporting goods distributor that has agreed to purchase footballs on a monthly basis and distribute (sell) them to sporting goods stores throughout the United Kingdom. The distributor’s demand for footballs is ultimately influenced by the demand for footballs by British citizens who shop in British sporting goods stores. The Sports Exports Company will receive British pounds when selling the product to the distributor and will then
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