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VTPP 434 Physiology for Bioengineers 1 Fall 2010 Questions for SNBAL 6 Reproduction December 1 2010 1. From the articles about the “Octomom,” what is your best supposition about what treatments she had been undergoing at the fertility clinic? The Octomom was probably taking drugs to stimulate the production of gonadotrophins. The drugs combined with her IVF treatments greatly increased her chances of having a multiple pregnancy, which she did. 2. What were the Octomom’s reasons to have so many embryos transferred at one time? The Octomom wanted to have more children so that she would not waste frozen embryos from previous fertilizations. According to her, in each of her previous IVF treatments, six embryos were implanted with each treatment, and each treatment only resulted in one child. However in her last IVF treatment, all of the embryos resulted in pregnancy, and one split into two twins, causing the octuple pregnancy.
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