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Unformatted text preview: Homework Assignment #1 Please turn in your homework before 11:30am on Friday Oct. 8 th , 2010 . The assignment box is located in Trottier (outside of the undergraduate office). The solutions will be posted online on Oct. 8 th , 2010. Please be noted that only selected problems (randomly selected) will be graded, which will represent your total score. For example, if you only complete problems 1-5 but problems 6-7 are selected for grading, then you final mark is zero. Please work on these problems on your own. Discussions are not allowed. 1. Two characteristics of a certain lossless transmission line are = 50 Ω and = 0 + 0.2 −1 at = 60 MHz : (a) find L and C for the line ; (b) A load = 60 + 80 Ω is located at z = 0. What is the shortest distance from the load to a point at which = + 0 ? [10 points] 2 . A transmitter and receiver are connected using a cascaded pair of transmission lines. At the operating ....
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