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Homework Assignment #3 Please turn in your homework before 12 pm on Friday Dec. 3 rd , 2010 . Late submission will not be accepted. The assignment box is located in Trottier (outside of the undergraduate office). Please be noted that some randomly selected problems will be graded, which will represent your total score. 1. Problem 14.15, page 538 in the text book. [20 points] 2. Problem 14.16, page 539 in the text book. [20 points] 3. Problem 14.18, page 539 in the text book. [20 points] 4. A rectangular waveguide with dimensions a = 2.5 cm and b = 1 cm is to operate below 15.1 GHz. (a) How many TE and TM modes can the waveguide transmit if the guide is filled with a medium
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Unformatted text preview: characterized by = 0, = 4 , = 1 ? (b) Calculate the cutoff frequencies of the modes. (c) Write the general instantaneous field expressions for the TM and TE modes. (d) Deduce those for TE 01 and TM 12 modes. [40 points] 5. The inner dimensions of an air-filled K u-band (12 18 GHz) WR-62 rectangular waveguide are a = 1.58 cm and b = 0.79 cm. (a) Determine the cutoff frequencies of the five lowest-order modes that can propagate in the guide. (b) Which modes propagate in the K u-band? (c) Determine the phase velocity and the guide wavelength for the TE 10 mode at 15 GHz. [20 points]...
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