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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECSE 352 Electromagnetic Waves and Optics 2 Wave propagation in dielectrics 2.2 Wave propagation in dielectrics References: Section 12.2 2.2-1 Overview So far we have looked at waves propagating in a vacuum, which is an ideal, ssless edium ll al edia re ssy o rtain egree) d e eed lossless medium. All real media are lossy (to a certain degree) and we need to understand how to calculate wave propagation in these. We will see that we can divide materials into lossy conductors and low loss dielectrics. In a conductor the dominant source of loss is electron conduction, whereas in a dielectric loss arises due to damping of theelectric dipoles. Thiswill give us two different regimes of calculation. In all cases however, loss can be represented by adding an imaginary term to the dielectric constant. This results in an attenuation constant which causes the electric field amplitude to decay exponentially with distance. We will see that p y py loss is also frequency dependent and we will examine the impact of loss on choice of EM wave frequency in various applications. ©AGK ECSE 352 2.2-2 Module 2: The Uniform Plane Wave Module 1: Transmission Lines Module 2: The Uniform Plane Wave ave propagation in free space 1. Wave propagation in free space 2. Wave propagation in dielectrics 3. The loss tangent 4. Wave power and the Poynting vector 5. The skin effect ave polarization 6. Wave polarization Module 3: Waves at boundaries ©AGK ECSE 352 2.2-3 Module 4: Waveguides and antennas Learning outcomes After taking this class you should be able to: • Model wave propagation in a lossy dielectric using the complex permittivity model alculate the properties of lossless dielectrics Calculate the properties of lossless dielectrics • Define the refractive index of a dielectric • Model wave propagation in lossy materials ppg y • Recognize that loss introduces frequency dependence in wave parameters ©AGK ECSE 352 2.2-4
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Lect 2.2 - Department of Electrical and Computer...

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