Lect 3.2 - Department of Electrical and Computer...

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECSE 352 Electromagnetic Waves and Optics 3.2 Standing waves and plane wave reflection References: Section 12.2 @AGK 3.2-1 Overview We have seen that when plane waves reflect from perfect conductor we get complete standing waves. W ewill investigate this concept further in this class and will see that we will obtain partial standing waves when we have partial reflection. ECSE 352 3.2-2 Module 3: Reflection and dispersion Module 1: Transmission Lines Module 2: The Uniform Plane Wave Module 3: Reflection and dispersion of waves 1. Plane wave reflection at normal incidence 2. Standing wave ratio for plane waves ave reflection from multiple interfaces 3. Wave reflection from multiple interfaces 4. Wave propagation in arbitrary directions 5. Plane wave reflection at oblique incidence 6. Special reflection cases 7. Wave propagation in dispersive media ECSE 352 3.2-3 Module 4: Waveguides and antennas Leaning outcomes After taking this class you should be able to: • Recognize that the presence of partial standing waves indicates that reflection has occurred alculate the or plane EM Calculate the standing wave ratio for plane EM waves • Use standing wave properties to calculate reflection and transmission coefficients for plane waves incident on dielectric interfaces. ECSE 352 3.2-4
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Contents • Partial standing waves • Calculation of standing wave ratio and spacing • Application illustration ECSE 352 3.2-6
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Lect 3.2 - Department of Electrical and Computer...

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