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2 1. Which of the following statements are true for signal transmission in a conductor? BD A) There exists a skin depth such that all of the wave amplitude is confined within the skin depth. B) The H-field and E-field are generally out of phase. C) A conductor with a high loss tangent will also have a large skin depth. D) The skin depth of a conductor is directly proportional to the signal wavelength. E) The effective resistance of conductors tends decrease with the increase of frequency. 2. You need to make an antireflection coating on a substrate which has an impedance of 2 Ohms, where the incident medium has an impedance of 8 Ohms. Which statement represents the correct conditions for the impedance and thickness of the coating layer? BE A) Impedance=16 Ohms, Thickness=1/4 wavelength in vacuum B) Impedance=4 Ohms, Thickness=3/4 wavelength in coating C) Impedance=4 Ohms, Thickness=1/8 wavelength in coating D) Impedance=4 Ohms, Thickness=1/2 wavelength in vacuum E) Impedance=4 Ohms, Thickness=1/4 wavelength in coating 3. A uniform plane wave is incident from air onto glass (refractive index = 1.45) at an angle from the normal of 45°. The incident wave is right circularly polarized. It is also known that the reflection coefficients for the p-polarized and s-polarized waves are -0.144 and -0.222, respectively. Which of the following statements are true? DE A) The fraction of power transmitted is 93%. B) The fraction of power reflected is 36.6%.
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test2_versionD - McGill University Faculty of Engineering...

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