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Experiencing Architecture Notes Preface/ Ch. 1 An architect factors in plans, sections, and elevation. Must be harmony between these. Architecture serves as functional art. Architecture becomes false and pretentious when people can’t live up to it. One of the proofs of great architecture is that its being used as planned, also it is important to think ahead to make the building long lasting. The architect is forced to seek a form which is more explicit and finished
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Unformatted text preview: than a sketch or personal study. • Such differences in arc can be seen w/ the visual eye. • Certain materials can look great in some sequence an bad in others • Important for buildings to have mix of soft and hard. • Specific object give off different emotions like the umbrella or tennis racket • Small touches can impact architecture as a whole. • Bringing order and relation is a task of the architect. CH.2 •...
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