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EE292 Analysis and Control of Markov Chains Spring 2008 Prof. Ben Van Roy April 2, 2006 Homework Assignment 1: Due April 10 Deterministic DP Formulations Problems 2.2 and 1.16 from the text. Viterbi Decoding Consider the trellis code of Figure 2.2.5 of the text and the formulation surrounding it. Assume that the data bit sequence { w k } is i.i.d. with uniform probabilities of 0 and 1. Further, assume that each
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Unformatted text preview: bit of each transmitted codeword is flipped independently with probability 0.2. Finally, assume that the encoder starts in state 00. Determine the most likely transmitted data bit sequences given the following received sequences (use Matlab): a) 010100011000 b) 110001110111 c) 110100011001...
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