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Informative Speech

Informative Speech - organization audience and organization...

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Informative Speech Guidelines  Purpose:   To provide listeners with new information, new ideas, or new ways of  thinking about a topic     Audience:   Our class  Time:   4-5 minutes  Grade (130 Points):   Speech—100 Points, Outline—25 Points, Peer Reviews-5  Points Description:   The focus of informative speeches is to enlighten rather than  advocate. The speaker should focus on building understanding and delivering  knowledge rather than modifying audience attitudes. The goal of this speech is to  present your audience with information they previously did not have.   Getting Started:   Think about organizations you belong to now, plan to join, or  would like to join in the future. After choosing an organization, develop a working  thesis statement to narrow your focus and begin research.   For topic approval, all students need to write a short paragraph explaining their 
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Unformatted text preview: organization, audience, and organization pattern. This paragraph is due via e-mail by Tuesday, February 8 at 5 p.m. If I receive a proposal after this date, it is late and you lose 10 points from your speech grade. Research: Your speech needs to include supporting research. Consider using the library resources, on-line journals and databases to conduct research. Also, online newspapers and magazine will provide important information. All references need to be cited in MLA format and attached to the speaking outline. This speech requires (1) Academic Journal Source; and (2) a Book. The other two sources can be of your choosing. Turn-in Checklist: • Speech Outline with Bibliography (Minimum 4 sources.) • Maximum Speaking Notecards: (2)...
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  • 5 minutes, Academic Journal Source, Informative Speech Guidelines, Reviews­5  Points Description, working  thesis statement, Maximum Speaking Notecards

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