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Unformatted text preview: When I was a child I believe in my parents, because if I want to get something I just need to open my mouth. When I was a teenager I believe in brothers, we played together eat together even live together, he likes my shadow. When I was a adult I believe in destiny I thought everything is be arranged just need to wait wait and wait and then it will come. But today I just believe in myself, no parents no brothers no destiny. In my 21 years of life, there are too many things. I can never forget the day when I stepped into America after I took 12 hours flight from Beijing to Chicago, I felt so tired sad even helpless. After I got off the plane, I waited for passing the customs in line, just remember the officer said next next again and again. But 16 hours ago I still in my home country waited for passing the customs heard the home language. And then I have to take my luggage, and passed the customs check and waited for the airport security check. When these things finished I still have to waited check and waited for the airport security check....
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