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This I Believe Speech - and expands your topic. In...

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“This I Believe” Speech Guidelines  Purpose:   An introductory speech that explains a core personal philosophy Audience:   Our class  Time:   2-3 Minutes  Grade (50):   Speech—50 Points Description:   Provide and support a belief that you hold to be true. You are  expected to discuss how you came to believe this particular concept, individuals  who inspired you, what you’ve learned from this particular philosophy, or the  different ways you’ve witnessed this type of thinking in action. This list is certainly  not exhaustive—do not feel restricted by this description. This assignment seeks to accomplish three principles of basic public speaking: 1. Quality :  Ensure that your audience knows exactly what your speech is  about by providing an argument and advocacy for a particular issue.   2. Structure :  Support your information with relevant material that clarifies 
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Unformatted text preview: and expands your topic. In addition, the speech should be organized and display a natural flow. 3. Performance : Maintain your composure; strive to demonstrate good non-verbal communication skills. The speaker is expected to be clear, accurate, and interesting. Getting Started: Think of something (belief, idea, concept, etc.) that you can sum up nicely in one sentence and reinforce with different examples. Be sure to explain the what, why and how behind your philosophy. Remember that this is a short (and personal) speech, do not feel pressured to attempt a vast amount of complex wording or fancy extravagances. This is your first step in building essential public speaking skills. Turn-in Checklist: • Speaking Notecards Maximum: (1)...
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