We all have ever mad any kinds of mistakes

We all have ever mad any kinds of mistakes - 2 nd step be...

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We all have ever mad any kinds of mistakes, it doesn’t matter. What we care is how you make up your fault. You did something wrong in you class. Like , you wrote a wrong topic of the speech, but you have realized before you give the speech, now you have to do sth to remedy. 1 st step, calm down. If your professor sits behind you, you need to turn your head back slowly, look at him/her and then say can I use the computer? Now professor must ask you the reason. Just give a reason whatever it is. Just let him/her knows this guy needs to use computer. But you eyes must have contact with the professor all the time, and show you confidence. And let everyone feel you can give a wonderful speech. Give you a good impress.
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Unformatted text preview: 2 nd step, be naturally. you have to stand up, but slowly. And you could do sth, maybe drink or take off your coat. And people will feel this guy is preparing to give a speech, and he is warming up. Step 3, innocent. After you stand here, you have to do sth. Move mouse staring screen pretend you are trying to use the computer. After that you could say are we going to talk about informative speech today and look around you classmates pretend you are trying to seeking answer from them. And you have to take a paper with you, is very important, this paper will let people think you did the homework just did wrong. Last, be patience. Waiting for professor say class is over and you success....
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