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chap17solutions - The web warrior Guide to Web Programming...

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Web Programming Chapter 17 Review Questions 1. What does the acronym PHP stand for? a. Professional Home Page b. Personal Home Page c. Practical Hypertext Pages d. Professional Hypertext Product 2. Who created PHP, and in what year? a. Linus Torvalds, 1992 b. Steven Wozniak, 1993 c. Rasmus Lerdorf, 1994 d. Klaus Mueller, 1995 3. PHP, like Linux and MySQL, is known as an __________ product. 4. Variable names must conform to which of the following rules? Choose all that apply. 5. Use the ______ symbols to make in-line code comments.
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6. External files can be incorporated into the PHP file with the ________ function. a. Input ( … ) b. Insert ( … ) c. Include ( … ) d. Import ( … )
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