key words exam 3 - MOST KEY WORDS FOR PART THREE Robert W....

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MOST KEY WORDS FOR PART THREE © Robert W. Emerson, March 4, 2009 The approximately 260 words, names, cases, or phrases below are taken from the lectures, LSB text, Barron’s book, and Supplemental Information text for Part Three. Even without studying this list, you will become familiar with most of these terms simply by studying the material. Those terms that you still do not know may be discussed in the above sources. Many are in the Barron’s glossary, and most are listed in the LSB and/or Barron’s indices. Three caveats: Some terms below are more important than others, most terms will probably not end up playing a role in the first test, and no doubt there are a few terms not listed here that have some connection to some test questions. BUT if you do know something about these terms it should help on many, perhaps most, of the test questions. Good luck! ONE OTHER CAVEAT: This semester, the constitution part of the LSB and course, that is, from LSB pages 367 on – will likely not be reached until after the March 26 th class, and thus will be part of the Final Exam, even though it is in Part Three of the LSB. Due Process and other matters dealt with before page 367, though, definitely are fair game for Test Three. “Apex” Corporate Officers Access to information Admissions Administrative Law Advocate Affirmative defenses Alito, Samuel Alternative pleadings Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Amending the constitution Amend pleadings (liberal right to) Answer Appeals Appellate Courts Arbitration Associate Justices Attorney/Client Privilege Attorneys Attorneys' fees Attorneys’ roles Avocat Balancing test Bates v. State Bar of Arizona Bar Exam
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key words exam 3 - MOST KEY WORDS FOR PART THREE Robert W....

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