appeals response spring 2011 midterm 1

appeals response spring 2011 midterm 1 - Midterm 1 Appeals...

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Midterm 1 Appeals Responses I received about 60 appeals and have read all of them. After much deliberation, I have decided to re-score four questions. Note that this question will be re-scored for everyone, not just those who appealed it . Before re-scoring, the average on the exam was 47.3 or about 79%. After re-scoring, I estimate the average will be about 49, or 82%. This represents strong overall performance by the class as a whole. A word of caution: the first exam is historically the easiest of the three, due to the descriptive nature of much of the material and the fact that some of it was probably already familiar to you. The material will get more challenging as we progress. So, please don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the high average. Here are the questions that will be re-scored, showing the Form Code, Question number, and the responses that will be scored as correct answers, followed by my rationale. A11 B D B41 A E C27 C E D41 A C This was the selective exposure question. That is the most precise answer, but since only 25% got it correct, and selective exposure is discussed in a paragraph headed by Selective Perception, I will give credit for that as well. A33 B E B24 B C C18 B E D42 B C This was the Katy Perry question. I personally view yoga as a self-maintenance exercise, but several of you made the case that it is a discretionary form of exercise, and is therefore free time, not personal time, the posted correct answer. However, there is no such category as recreational
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appeals response spring 2011 midterm 1 - Midterm 1 Appeals...

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