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Principals of Advertising • DiPasquale • Exam 1 Review Chapter 1: Advertising History and Basics What helped influence modern advertising? We can see, hear or otherwise be influenced by how many ads per day? What is Brand Advertising? Business to Business ? Institutional ? Corporate ? PSA? Non-Profit ? What else is there? What’s the definition of advertising? What are the key points of that definition? Chapter 2: Advertising and Society What might make an advertisement unethical? Illegal? Risky? Get you sued? What’s a stereotype ? Are there good and bad ones? What is the definition of puffery ? Give Examples. Trademarks are what? Copyrights are what? What government agency/office manages which? Which federal agency manages which aspect of what advertising? What do you do when you have to falsify an advertisement in order to make it look good (eg when an ad for TVs can’t actually show a TV) Explain competitive advertising.
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