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fall 2010 exam 2 review sheet

fall 2010 exam 2 review sheet - • Know the pros and cons...

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Professor DiPasquale Principals of Advertising Exam 2 Review This test will have 50 multiple-choice questions at 2 points per question. It is a closed exam, you may not bring supplemental materials. You may not enter the room prior to 5 minutes before class starts. What is strategic planning? Define objective, strategy, tactics. What is Positioning? Differentiation? What are the parts of a communication or creative brief? What does it accomplish? What is a perceptual map? What is ROI? Know SWOT like it’s your birthday. Know branding. (Image, Identity, etc) and how it relates to strategy. How are advertising budgets calculated? What would qualify as “new media”? What plays an important role in how to predict a particular person’s “use” or perception of a medium? Know the concept of aperture. Know what media mix refers to
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Unformatted text preview: • Know the pros and cons of using each media • What kind of newspaper advertising is there? • What are the types of magazines? • What is directory advertising • What is packaging in terms of advertising? • What can affect billboard advertising • Know what OOH advertising is. Know what outdoor advertising isn’t. • What is a PPM? • How is the Radio and Television Advertising day segmented? • Share of Voice is • CPM GRP and other measurement terms • Contact Point / Touch Point • Issues with measurements. Why is “frequency” problematic? • What advertising mediums are cost efficient, costly, etc • Subscription vs Broadcast TV & Radio • Internet advertisement types and measurements • Search Engine Optimization • What is a Media Kit? • Advertainment, Viral Ads, Guerilla Ads, etc • Key players in media and media buying...
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