Clarity Exercises - Advanced Clarity Exercises 1 Turn the...

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Advanced Clarity Exercises 1. Turn the list of nominalizations into verbs: Analysis- analyze Belief- believe Conclusion- conclude Evaluation- evaluate Expression- express Failure- fail Definition- define Discussion- discuss Appearance- appear Improvement- improve Description- describe Explanation- explain Suggestion- suggest Comparison- compare Intention- intend Competition- compete 2. One sentence in each of the following pairs is clear, expressing characters as agents and using active verbs to power the sentence forward. The other is indirect, with actions buried in nominalizations and abstractions for subjects. Identify which is which, then circle nominalizations, underline subjects, and highlight verbs. 1a. Some have argued that atmospheric carbon dioxide does not elevate global temperature. 1b. There has been speculation by educators as to the role of a good family environment in the improvement of educational achievement. 2a. Smoking during pregnancy may cause fetal injury. 2b. When we write concisely, readers understand easily. 3a. Researchers have identified the AIDS virus but failed to develop a vaccine to immunize those at risk. 3b. Attempts by economists at defining full employment have generally been met with failure. 4a. Complaints
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Clarity Exercises - Advanced Clarity Exercises 1 Turn the...

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