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Problem Overview There is an urgent need for an updated parking system at the University of Florida. With an ever- increasing population of students, parking has become less available, and far less convenient for students and faculty members attending UF. Research Current parking system/decal issuance system at UF (Sara) Need for parking/change in decal issuance system (surveys) (Ali) Parking systems at other universities (Sara) Possible locations for new parking structures (what we did today) (Sara and Ali) -lot across from the Reitz, commuter lot, fraternity drive, little hall -we know the current number of spaces in each lot so we can forecast the potential increase of spots due to the construction of garages (percentage increase) Costs of constructing new parking garages and ways to cover these costs
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Unformatted text preview: (JIM)-contact local construction companies and ask how much the construction of a garage costs and any other relevant information (need real facts, get the people’s names that you spoke with and the name of the companies you contacted) Problems that may arise from increased parking/cars on campus and possible solutions (JIM) Solution (EVERYONE) Increase parking by building garages (turning parking lots into 5 story garages ) Change decal issuance system (priority system?) Launch campaign to encourage students CARPOOL and RIDE BIKES to class-To promote the use of bikes on campus, UF student government pays for a free bike repair service station next to the Reitz Union....
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