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poli201_lec11(parties) - POLI 201 Chapter 11 Professor...

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POLI 201 / Chapter 11 Professor Finocchiaro 1 CHAPTER 11 Political Parties POLI 201: American National Government Party Development in Early America The formation of political parties was a development unanticipated by the Framers of the Constitution. Framers such as Hamilton, Washington, and Jefferson regarded parties as divisive and potentially detrimental to the republic. Despite their antipathy toward parties, deep divisions over the future of the republic led Hamilton and Jefferson to lead the formation of the first American parties. Why Do Political Parties Form? Political parties seek to control the government by electing Parties: facilitate collective action in the electoral process their members to office and thus by controlling the personnel of government. help resolve collective choice in the policy-making process regulate career advancement of politicians and thus deal with the potential threat of individual political ambitions
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POLI 201 / Chapter 11 Professor Finocchiaro 2 Political parties perform multiple functions to Parties: recruit candidates nominate candidates functions to accomplish these aims. work to get out the vote facilitate mass electoral choice influence and coordinate the activities of the national government The Two-Party System Though the framers of the Constitution did not anticipate nor want parties did not anticipate nor want parties, America has a stable two-party system that first emerged in the late 18th century as a conflict between Federalists (led by Alexander Hamilton) and the Republicans (led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison). Democrats The modern Democratic party emerged out of the Republicans The modern Republican party emerged in the 1850s as an party emerged out of the party established by Thomas Jefferson in the late 18th century and revitalized by Andrew Jackson in the 1820s.
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