Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 Notes(Student Normal Distribution...

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Chapter 13 Notes (Student) 1 Normal Distribution • Strategy for Exploring Data for One Quantitative Variable: – Always plot the data: Histogram or stemplot – Look for the overall pattern and for striking deviations such as outliers. – Describe the center and the spread with the median and quartiles or the mean and the standard deviation. New Step – Sometimes the overall pattern of a large number of observations is so regular that we can describe it by a smooth curve. Density Curves • Density Curve – a curve that is superimposed on a relative frequency histogram to outline the shape. • The area under the density curve is 1. • Easy and quick way of describing the shape of a distribution. Density Curve
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2 Using a Density Curve • Histograms show the frequency or relative frequency of observations in each class interval. • Density curves show the proportion of observations in any region by areas under the curve. Example: We have a data set of 1000 sample proportions. What proportion of the observations are greater than 0.61? Using a Density Curve Center and Spread of a Density Curve •M e d i a n – the point that divides the area under the curve in half.
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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 Notes(Student Normal Distribution...

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