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Span 122 Study Guide for Capítulo 6 The best way to prepare for your exam is to focus on being able to accomplish these tasks: Task Consult your textbook on pages… Do these practice activities as part of your review… 1. Can you name at least 20 items of clothing for men and women, along with colors and patterns? pp. 186-187 p. 189: 6-2 Workbook: p. 100: CA6-2 2. Can you complete a shopping transaction in a store? (Including asking where the merchandise is found, what size you wear, how you will pay, etc? top of p. 186 p. 190 p. 192: 6-7 3. Can you differentiate the meaning and conjugate correctly these verbs: encantar, gustar, importar, interesar, quedar, parecer? pp. 194-195 Workbook: p. 102: CA6-6 4. Can you name items that are typically sold in markets in Spain, Mexico and the Caribbean? p. 198 p. 200: 6-14 Workbook: p. 103: CA6-7 5. Can you complete a “bargaining” transaction in a market? p. 202 p. 204: 6-18, 6-19 6. Can you distinguish the affirmative and negative equivalents
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