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Span 122 Capítulo 7: Study guide To prepare for your exam on Capítulo 7, be sure that you can accomplish the following tasks in Spanish. Refer to the pages and exercises for extra practice. Task / topic Review & exercises in Puentes textbook Practices in Puentes workbook Invite someone to do something for fun Vocab. on p 216 p. 217: 7-2 p. 116: 7-2 Answer questions / discuss your favorite pastimes and weekend activities Vocab. on pp. 216, 218, 219. Narrate what you did last weekend, last week, last month, etc. by using the preterite Vocab. on p. 216, 218,219 Grammar on pp.222-223 p. 220: 7-6 p. 221: 7-8 p. 225: 7-12 p. 118: 7-4, 5, 6 (Also: see “verb drills” at Describe weather and seasons Vocab. on p. 227 p. 229: 7-15 p. 120: 7-8 Identify holidays and common activities associated with them Vocab. on pp. 230-231 p. 231: 7-17; p. 232: 7-18
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