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Chapter%205 - Chapter 5 Analyzing Your Audience Professor...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 Analyzing Your Audience Professor Krueger Think of Audience as a Group of Individuals Find out as much as you can about the individuals of your audience. Develop a general profile of your listeners. How to become an audience-centered speaker: Gather information about your audience. Analyze your information by categorizing to determine your audience's psychological profile. Use the information to ethically adapt to your listeners. Gathering Information Informally observe and ask questions, through conversation, before you speak Formally Survey the audience Analyzing your Information What do you look for in the information? How are the audience members similar to one another? How are the audience members different from one another? Based on their similarities and differences, how can I find common ground with the audience? Adapt to Your Audience Adapt = to modify your message to enhance the clarity of your message to enhance the likelihood that you will ethically achieve your goal. The audience-centered approach does not mean that you should tell your listeners what they want to hear, or that you should fabricate information simply to please your audience of achieve your goal. Situational Audience Analysis Examination of time and place of your speech. Time of day will affect speech length. Be mindful of the time limits given. Size of your audience Larger the audience, the more formal Small audiences still require organization, clarity, volume, and other key public speaking elements. Situational analysis cont... Location = obtain the best speaking environment that you can What occasion brings the audience together? ...
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