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Course Schedule: Class Topic Assignments Due Readings  for Today Week One August 25 Introduction to Course/ Syllabus Overview August 27 Speaking With Confidence/Assign Exam Groups Ch. 1 August 29 Explanation of Short Speech Sequence Visit from General Education Contact Form GMU-129 Week Two September 1 LABOR DAY --- NO CLASS September 3 Previewing the Audience-Centered  Speechmaking Process Listening to Speeches Ch. 2 Ch. 4 September 5 Short Speech Sequence #1 Deliver Short Speech 1 Week Three September 8 Speaking Freely and Ethically Ch. 3 September 10 Short Speech Sequence #2   Deliver Short Speech 2 September 12 Short Speech Sequence #3 Deliver Short Speech 3 Week Four September 15 Developing Your Speech Ch. 6 September 17 Short Speech Sequence #4 Deliver Short Speech 4 September 19 Gathering Supporting Material     Ch. 7 Week Five September 22 Using Supporting Material Ch. 8 September 24 Short Speech Sequence #5   Deliver Short Speech 5
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September 26 Finish Delivering Speech 5 Discuss Speech Critique 1
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Course_Schedule_Fall_2008 - Course Schedule: Readings Class...

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