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Final Speech Two Speech Analysis

Final Speech Two Speech Analysis - Final Paper Two-Speech...

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Final Paper Two-Speech Analysis Paper Comm 100 Objective: To discuss the differences and similarities in the structure and organization of two speeches and to understand the importance of audience-centered delivery methods. Students have 3 options to choose. They will then write 4-page, double spaced, paper comparing/contrasting the two chosen speeches. You will specifically look at the structure & organization of each speech’s introduction, body and conclusion and explain how each affects the audience-centered approach. What did one speaker’s speech have that made it more effective than the other? What did one speech have that could have been left out or done differently? There are a variety of questions that you can ask. You MUST use your textbook to backup your arguments. You are welcomed to use outside scholarly sources; however, your textbook is that is required. Such questions that you can ask about the speech’s three parts are: 1. The Speech Opening What was used to get the attention of the audience?
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