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HIST 100: Western Civilization Sections 001 and 002 Map Exercise 2: The Atlantic Please identify clearly the following locations on the accompanying map. You are welcome to use any resources in tracking down their location, and most modern political maps will include just about all the information you need. The atlas section of the Fenwick Library (located on the first floor in the new wing —near the elevators) may be of help to you. Cities London Seville São Paulo Quito Paris Madrid Mexico City Rio de Janeiro Lisbon Jamestown (VA)
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Unformatted text preview: Lima Natural and Administrative Features Appalachian mountains Andes mountains Line of Tordesillas (1494) Gulf Stream Amazon river Countries and Colonial Regions 1. Europe & Atlantic Madeira Islands(you’ll need to draw these in) Portugal The Netherlands Azores Spain Canary Islands Britain Cape Verde Islands France 2. North and South America Haiti Mexico Jamaica Peru Cuba (Hispañola) Virginia Brazil Massachusetts 3. Africa Senegal Ghana Congo Guinea Angola Nigeria Liberia Cameroon...
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