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Map Exercise Mediterranean

Map Exercise Mediterranean - Cities Athens Syracuse Tyre...

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HIST 100: Western Civilization Sections 001 and 002 Map Exercise 1: The Mediterranean Please identify clearly the following locations on the accompanying map. You are welcome to use any resources in tracking down their location. One recommended resource that can be found in the Fenwick Reference section at the university library is Michael Grant, Ancient History Atlas (1971), which contains helpful maps of the ancient world.
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Unformatted text preview: Cities Athens Syracuse Tyre New Carthage Sparta Carthage Massalia Halicarnassus Jerusalem Rome Corinth Venice Florence Natural Features Straits of Gibraltar Bosporus Regions/Provinces Crete Attica Phoenicia Egypt Peloponnese Sicily Asia Minor Greece Macedonia Italy Civilizations (mark approximate location of original homeland of these peoples) Persians Hebrews Assyrians Etruscans Lydians Greeks...
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