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HIST 100: Western Civilization Sections 001 and 002 Reaction Paper Writing Guide Our goal this semester is to hone our skills in accurately condensing and summarizing research information, proposing sophisticated arguments about its content, and presenting evidence supporting those arguments in a clear and concise fashion. Keep these goals in mind as you approach the reaction papers required for this course. The rubric outlined below should help you organize your essay. All reaction papers should be double spaced, with 11 or 12 point font (Times New Roman), and include the following elements in a 3-4 page formal essay with proper footnotes or endnotes.: 1. An arguable thesis . This thesis should propose a statement which the remainder of the essay will attempt to prove true using logic, textual support, and broader historical knowledge that you gain in lecture. 2. Brief summary of reading . Somewhere early in the essay, you should give the reader a quick overview of the main course texts (e.g. Herodotus, Boccaccio, etc.) you are using.
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