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Reading 4 Browning - HIST 100 Western Civilization Reading Guide 4 Christopher Browning Ordinary Men Our final reading assignment of the semester

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HIST 100: Western Civilization Reading Guide 4: Christopher Browning, Ordinary Men Our final reading assignment of the semester moves us in a completely different direction in terms of type of source, tone, and importance to the larger themes of western civilization. This topic is the Final Solution, the decision by the Nazi regime to murder the Jews of Europe during World War II. Browning is one of the world’s foremost experts on the Final Solution, and the work we will be reading is a secondary source (in contrast to the primary sources we’ve been reading so far) investigating one particular aspect of that history. This subject, as you well know, is both difficult to address and yet extremely important to our confrontation with world history on a moral, philosophical, and emotional level. Your assignment is to read the entire book before our planned class discussion on Monday, Dec. 1 . As you read and prepare for discussion, please keep in mind the following questions:
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