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HIST 100: Western Civilization Sections 001 and 002 Reaction Paper Sample Theses 1. There is much talk of globalization in today’s world, but the ancient world was also interconnected in many ways. These connections were found in economic ties between societies, the exchange of writing systems, and in the similarities between various religious practices. 2. The religions of the ancient world differed greatly from the religions of today. By examining the religious practices of the Assyrians, Egyptians, and the Greeks, we find a greater emphasis on sacrificial worship, the power of priests and priestesses, and an enthusiasm for oracles. 3. Classical Greece witnessed a number of unique and important achievements not seen
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Unformatted text preview: previously in world history. Among these, the emergence of democracy, the achievements of Herodotus in history, and the concept of the citizen-led polis are the most notable. 4. The position of women in the ancient world was largely one of secondary status. Males dominated decision making in government and the family, while marriage was essentially a contract centering on property exchange decided by the father. However, there are notable examples of women serving as monarchs, playing a role in religious worship, and even contributing to achievements in literature....
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