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Sample Thesis Reaction Paper

Sample Thesis Reaction Paper - either side of this large...

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HIST 100: Western Civilization Sections 001 and 002 Reaction Paper #2 Sample Theses 1. Religion played a significant role in the lives of medieval men and women, a position bolstered among Christians by the influence of powerful church institutions. Yet if we examine the evidence of works like The Decameron , we find that medieval Christians were also willing to raise questions about their church and its priests, all while maintaining a robust curiosity in other faiths. 2. Medieval society was a highly stratified place, with strict boundaries separating peasant from landlord, lord from vassal, and city merchant from country aristocrat. Such social differences between individuals were reflected in both cultural and economic ways: by the manorial system, by feudalism, and by the divide between wealthy urban traders and aristocrats owning country estates. 3. Up until the early 1400s, the Atlantic had very little significance in the lives of the societies poised on
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Unformatted text preview: either side of this large ocean. But within a very short time, three major regions—Europe, Africa, and the Americas—had been linked closely in an Atlantic system shaped most strongly by three factors: bold ocean exploration, exploitative colonization, and the troubling rise of African slave labor. 4. The narrative provided by Olaudah Equiano of his life can tentatively be described as a triumphant escape from the harsh and life-destroying world of transatlantic slavery. Yet as Equiano makes clear, even freemen faced pervasive exploitation and the ever-present danger of being returned to slavery. Clearly, the legacy of slavery extended beyond the Middle Passage to encompass a broader range of perils faced by both free and enslaved Africans who traveled the wider Atlantic world....
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