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Spring 09 Exam 4 - World Regional Geography: 101 Spring,...

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1 | Page Exam 4 – mk series, spring 2009 World Regional Geography: 101 Spring, 2009 Test 4 Name: -------------------------------------------- Date: 04| 15| Time allowed: 1 hour Instructions: 1. Please print your name clearly above 2. Shade the correct answer using a pencil on you Scantron 3. Answer all questions 1-50 and if you want answer bonus questions [51-54] 4. If found cheating you will be penalized accordingly (i.e. ZERO grade ……………………………………………………………………………………………… Questions 1-50 carries 2 points each 1. Which of the following is the primate city of Thailand where antigovernment protesters crashed with government policemen over the weekend, demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister? a) Phong Saly b) Ho Chi Minh City c) Bangkok d) Phanom Penh 2. Which of the following Southeast Asian countries does NOT occupy the large mainland peninsula sometimes known as Indochina ? a) Laos b) Indonesia c) Vietnam d) Thailand 3. The collision of the Indian-Australian Plate and the Philippine Plate with the Eurasian Plate has contributed what sort of feature to the physical geographies of Indonesia and the Philippines? a) Rift valleys b) Trenches c) Volcanoes d) Coastal escarpments
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2 | Page Exam 4 – mk series, spring 2009 4. Which of the following theories could best explain the presence of ancient humans and Asian land animals on the islands of Southeast Asia? a) They crossed from the mainland along temporarily exposed pieces of land called Sandaland that are now submerged in the ocean. b) They reached and were spread throughout the islands by seaborne traders as they went from one island to the next. c) During periodic ice ages, glaciers extended from the coastline of the mainland to many of the islands. d) Until an earthquake destroyed it, Huxley’s Line provided a narrow land connection to the islands. 5. What factor(s) account for the large amount of rainfall that Southeast Asia gets? a) Monsoons b) The Intertropical Convergence Zone c) El Niño d) A and B 6. According to the explanation in the textbook, how do periodic El Niño events help to create drought in Southeast Asia? a) Warming ocean temperatures b) Lowering air pressure over land c) Cooling ocean temperatures d) Lowering air pressure over water 7. Why have some of the world’s most impressive rainforests developed in Southeast Asia? a) The soil is incredibly fertile. b) The economy has never involved agriculture, thus preventing the clearing of the rainforests. c) The decay of detritus allows for the release of minerals which are taken up directly by the trees. d)
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Spring 09 Exam 4 - World Regional Geography: 101 Spring,...

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