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Extra Credit Assignment 30 points Find one journal article having to do with some area of human services that interests you (preferably social Work, but if ADJ the article can address issues you are interested in). 1. Please summarize the article (DO NOT give me a bunch of statistics – I want you to think about what the article is telling you). Your summary should be no more than 1½ to 2 pages and should include: a. What is the purpose of the article? b. What are the article’s essential points? c. What recommendations does the author(s) make? d. How is this article relevant to social work?
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Unformatted text preview: e. How is it relevant to you? Why did you choose this area? 2. Once you have completed the summary do an analysis of the article. Did the authors accomplish their purpose, what could they have done better, what did they leave our, what was done well. Those are sample questions, but your article will give you others. 3. Please reference the article in APA style. 4. If you have a copy or the article, I would love to see it (not required – just I like to read them, and often download them after reading your papers)...
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