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GTA - 2:30–4:00PM 4:00-5:30PM Monday 1 Liang Li 1.Medoune...

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STAT 250 GTAs’ Office Hours Spring 2009 Note: GTAs will start holding office hours on Monday, January 26, 2009 Note: All sections will have the same teaching assistants. The GTAs will be available for office hours in Room 142 of Science and Technology II STAT250 Students: Please do not ask the GTAs to stay beyond their scheduled hours. They are students just like you and deserve time to do their own homework and studying! 10:00-11:30AM 11:30AM-1:00PM 1:00–2:30PM
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Unformatted text preview: 2:30–4:00PM 4:00 -5:30PM Monday 1. Liang Li 1.Medoune Seck 2.Jun Xie 1. Deepti 2. Medoune Seck 1. Jun Xie 1. Suchismita Goswami Tuesday 1. Liang Li 1. Deepti 2. Issa Traore 1.Issa Traore 2. Jun Xie 1. Issa Traore 1. Issa Traore Wednesday 1. Liang Li 1. Deepti 2. Liang 1. Deepti 2. Jun Xie 1. Medoune Seck 1. Medoune Seck Thursday 1. Ousmane Diall 1. Ousmane Diall 2.Suchismita Goswami 1 Ousmane Diall 2. Suchismita Goswami 1. Ousmane Diall 1. Suchismita Goswami...
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