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Minitab 2 comments

Minitab 2 comments - Comments on MINITAB Assignment 02...

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1 Comments on MINITAB Assignment 02 Question 2a : You will need to change from midpoints to cutpoints. And, you may need to specify the specific cutpoints to guarantee that they are whole numbers. (Whole number cutpoints doesn’t mean necessarily that you will have a class width of 1; the cutpoints can be spaced more than one unit apart.) You may want to use the describe command to find the minimum and maximum of the data. Question 2d : To determine the percent of bearings that are tolerable, you can: a) Choose your classes for the histogram so that you can determine the frequency of tolerable bearings directly from the histogram. In other words, you would need to choose your classes so that each class contains only tolerable values or untolerable values. That is, the class limits coincide with the tolerable limits or b) You can actually count the number of observations with values in the tolerable range defined in the problem by looking at the raw data in the data window in MINITAB. To
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