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Help with MINTAB 12 Problem 2: Old and New Drug This problem is a two sample independent problem you can use either of the following options: Option 1: MTB > twot n1 x1 s1 n2 x2 s2; SUBC> confidence p; SUBC> alter native y. Option 2: MTB > twot n1 x1 s1 n2 x2 s2; SUBC> test 0 ; SUBC> alter native y. Be careful about which test you are using. If you set up the alternative is X1 – X2, if X2 is suppose to be a bigger then X1 then X1-X2 will be negative and you will be in a left - tailed test. If X2 is suppose to be smaller than X1, then X1-X2 will be positive and you are in a right-tailed test. Problem 3:
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Unformatted text preview: Male preferring Republicans and Female Preferring Republicans This a difference of proportions problems (the data is text, not numbers). You will use the ptwo command and it will count the number of Y (people who prefer Republicans) and do the hypothesis test. Again be careful about the alternative hypothesis. It is based on how you set up the difference. See above explanation. Here is the command that you use: Option 1: MTB > ptwo cx cy ; SUBC> pooled; SUBC> test 0; SUBC> alternative y . Option 2 : MTB > ptwo cx cy ; SUBC> pooled; SUBC> confidence p ; SUBC> alternative y ....
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