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Minitab assignments

Minitab assignments - where xxx stands for your homework...

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Please follow the steps below to download files containing MINITAB Assignments and your unique data set(s) for each assignment: 1. Create a STAT250 folder so that you can save the zip files you are about to download from the internet. 2. Open your internet browser, copy the URL address below into your browser, and then change xxxx to your Homework Identification Number (HIN) found in the box on your syllabus you received in class.: http://classweb.gmu.edu/statit250/minitab_assignments/MA_xxxx.ZIP (Note: You must be careful to get the upper/lower case exactly right or the download will not work! So we suggest that you copy this URL address and paste it into your browser.) 3. A window will appear asking what you want to do with the file. Click Save. 4. Another window will open asking you where to save the file. Browse to the STAT250 folder you created and click Save. 5. Use My Computer to browse to the STAT250 folder. You will see a file called MA_xxxx.zip
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Unformatted text preview: where xxx stands for your homework identification number. Right click on this file, and then click Extract all. 6. An extraction Wizard will appear. Click Next. Click Next again. Click Finish. (You will see the contents of a new folder in your STAT250 folder that was created by the extraction Wizard. This folder contains 12 text files and 9 Excel files. 7. Once all files are extracted, you can obtain the instructions for each MINITAB assignment in M??_xxxx.TXT file, where ?? is the homework number and xxxx is your Homework Identification Number (HIN). To complete a MINITAB Assignment, open MS Word, insert (do not open!) a corresponding M??_xxxx.TXT file into a blank document, insert the requested information into that file, and then turn in a printed copy of the file. The directions on how to insert a text file is in the folder Importing MINITAB Text File into Word....
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