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Dear Student: In this course you will be using MyStatLab – an online resource to help you assess your math skills, do homework, take tests, view tutorial videos, and more! What you need to begin: A Student Access Kit (packaged inside a new textbook, purchased online in step 3, or with a standalone access kit). A valid email address Your school’s zip code: ______ 22030 ______________________ In addition, your instructor will provide you with: A “Course ID” Number: ___surina94744_________________________ Student Registration: 1. Go to . 2. Click on the Register button below Students 3. Review the Before You Start information. If you have everything you need to register, click Next . 4. Enter your Course ID exactly as provided by your instructor and click “Find Course.” Your course information should appear. If not, contact your instructor to verify the correct Course ID. 5.
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