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Section Information for Spring 2009 Section Classroom Regular Class MeetingTime Instructor GTA 001 ST II, 9 M-W-F: 10:30-11:20AM Susan C. Surina, Instructor Deepti Gupta 002 ST II, 9 M-W-F: 11:30AM-12:20PM Susan C. Surina, Instructor Ousmane Diall 003 ST II, 9 M-W: 3:00-4:15PM Dr. Robert Sims Shravan Chitimilla 005 ST II, 9 T-Th: 10:30-11:45AM Susan C. Surina, Instructor Gautham Rallipalli/Liang Li 006 ST II, 9 T-Th: 12:00-1:15PM Susan C. Surina, Instructor Jun Xie 007 T 138 T-Th: 1:30-2:45PM Dr. Robert Sims Issa Traore
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Unformatted text preview: 008 ST II, 9 T-Th: 3:00-4:15PM Dr. Beom Lee Suchismita Goswami 009 ST II, 9 T: 7:20-10:00PM Jon Zampedro, Instructor Medoune Seck Professor Surina [email protected] Shravan Chitimilla [email protected] Dr. Sims [email protected] Gautham Rallipalli [email protected] Dr. Lee [email protected] Liang Li [email protected] Professor Zampedro [email protected] Jun Xie [email protected] Deepti Gupta [email protected] Issa Traore [email protected] Ousmane Diall [email protected] Suchismita Goswami [email protected] Medoune Seck [email protected]
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