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Spring 2009 syllabus - STAT 250 Introductory Statistics I...

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1 STAT 250: Introductory Statistics I Spring 2009 Homework Identification Number (HIN): Course Goals 1. To expose the student to the ideas and concepts of statistics and probability and the statistical models used for decision support in different areas of our life. 2. To give the student mastery of the concepts and tools of data representation, probability models, and statistical inference by solving problems. 3. To encourage the student to learn the methodologies and techniques of statistics to solve typical problems. 4. To enable the student to: understand a situation and recognize the type of problem and/or the kind of analysis required; formulate the problem quantitatively; associate the appropriate probabilistic models and statistical techniques; understand and interpret the model results and obtain the required solution to problems using a statistical package (MINITAB for Windows). 5. To foster the communication and presentation of statistical results and inferences. 6. To provide a sound basis in statistics for the student’s future academic and professional careers. General Education Program This course meets the Quantitative Reasoning requirement, one of the Foundation requirements of the University General Education program. The goal of the Foundation requirement is to help ensure that students develop the ability to use and critically evaluate numerical information, and to create logical arguments using quantitative reasoning. For more information on General Education, please see the University Catalog, pp. 69-71, and the Provost’s Office General Education website, http://www.gmu.edu/departments/provost/gened/index.html Textbook and Software You will need the following three components: Textbook: Fundamentals of Statistics , by Sullivan, 2nd Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008 Student Access Kit (MyStatLab) Software: MINITAB 14 (or 15) There will be Homework Assignments and MINITAB Assignments (see the Assignments section below for more details). You will need to use MyStatLab for Homework Assignments and MINITAB 14 (or 15) for MINITAB Assignments.
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2 You should purchase the textbook bundled with a Student Access Kit which includes the Student Access Code to MyStatLab. MyStatLab is an on-line course-management system that contains the Homework Assignments for this course. If your textbook is not bundled with the kit, you can buy the standalone Student Access Kit which you can purchase on-line at
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Spring 2009 syllabus - STAT 250 Introductory Statistics I...

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