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2 Points Extra Credit: Print out this Extra Credit page and fill in the blanks. This extra credit is due at the start of your class on Tuesday, April 21,2009 (NO LATE EXTRA CREDIT PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED NO EXCEPTIONS !!). You must answer all questions correctly to get the 2 points. This is an All or Nothing extra credit. 1. Who is the GTA for our section? _______________________ 2. What is our GTA’s email address? _________________________ 3. What is the date and time
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Unformatted text preview: of our final Exam? Date: ____________ Time: ___________ 4. What is step 4 for getting another formula sheet or tables found in the Getting Another Formula Sheet or Tables folder? ____________________________________________ 5. What is the title of the folder found in the MINITAB Commands folder that contains the MINTAB Commands that covers Chapter 6 Section 1 (Handout for the Discrete Probability Distribution)? ____________________________________...
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