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Website coding - IT103 Lecture Project Student...

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IT103 Lecture Project – Student Deliverable #2 ***No Late Submissions*** Class Meeting Day Due Date (at the class start time) Monday November 16 Tuesday November 17 Wednesday November 11 Thursday November 12 Friday November 13 Web Site Specifications (15% of final grade) Overview As part of this project, you will publish the research paper on the web and will include graphics and links to related information. Information on your web site must have incorporated instructors’ feedback on research paper and is carefully proofread, spell checked and verified for information accuracy. In addition, your site should not infringe copyrights by using images or text without appropriate permissions. Project Objectives Demonstrate your ability to use web based technologies to communicate your understanding of a selected technology related topic Make obvious your ability to seek permission from the originator for the copyrighted material and cite references appropriately
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Project Requirements In this project, you will use XHTML to publish your research paper on the mason web site. Note: Use of HTML/XHTML editors (MS Word, Netscape Composer, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, etc.) is NOT permitted . Your homepage (i.e., http://mason.gmu.edu/~username) must have a link to your project’s first page (it103project.html). 1. Your website’s first page (http://mason.gmu.edu/~username/) will contain the link to your research paper’s title page content (i.e., title of your project, your name, date, and GMU Honor Code and GMU Responsible Use of Computer Policy site links and statement). 2. At least four content web pages Divide your research paper text into screens/web pages that are easy to navigate and read. Make sure that your website content has incorporated the instructor’s feedback on the research paper. It is important that you cite all references, including those that are paraphrased, in accordance with APA accepted standard style. o XHTML ordered or unordered list on one of the content pages Ordered or unordered list can be used in listing small amounts of project relevant information as is done in paper formats. The use of a list for your project’s menu does not satisfy this requirement.
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